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Designer’s Choice

Trust us, the Designer’s Choice is your golden ticket! Our expert design team takes the lead in creating stunning, unique floral arrangements tailored to your preferences. With Designer’s Choice, you simply select your preferred style and budget, and our skilled florists will craft a gorgeous arrangement that’s perfect for any occasion. If you have trouble deciding, this is the answer to your prayers!

Ranunculus in Heaven

Ranunculus in Heaven is our most popular bouquet featuring a mesmerizing array of delicate peach ranunculus, meticulously arranged to give off that ethereal beauty. Complemented by lush greenery and accent blooms, this bouquet is just so stinkin' beautiful. While certain blooms may vary depending on seasonal availability, we stay true to the color palette and vibe, ensuring each arrangement is a masterpiece of floral artistry.

Flower Subscription

Do you have a flower lover in your life? Our Flower Subscription is a convenient and delightful way to enjoy fresh, beautiful flowers all year round. This subscription is a perfect gift idea or a special treat for yourself! Our service offers a curated selection of seasonal blooms, carefully chosen for their beauty, fragrance, and longevity. Each bouquet features a harmonious blend of flowers, ensuring a vibrant and varied display with every delivery. Subscribers can expect a new and unique arrangement with each delivery, reflecting the best flowers each season has to offer. Plus, we offer FREE DELIVERY after the first shipment for an entire year on all online orders. 

Blanc de Blanc

The Blanc de Blanc is an elegant bouquet designed for those chic people who appreciate the beauty of simplicity in white. This arrangement features a luxurious blend of pure white flowers complemented by lush green textures, creating a timeless and minimalist aesthetic. Each flower is meticulously selected for its pristine color and quality, ensuring a stunning presentation every time. The bouquet is arranged in our signature cylinder vase, adding a touch of modern elegance to any space.

Maison La Bougie Candles

These candles are made in a French factory by artisans which carefully select raw materials. Fragrances are created at Grasse,

Flight to Paris

Flight to Paris includes a massive swoon-worthy bouquet of seasonal blooms and a large Parisian candle that will set the mood. Creating spa-like tranquility has never been so simple and this blend of soft hues and lush greens will create a truly mesmerizing visual symphony... jaws will drop to the floor! Make the grandest gesture of them all (besides buying an actual ticket to France) and order a Flight to Paris bouquet for your sweetheart.

The Classic

Experience timeless elegance with The Classic bouquet, but don't be fooled, this is not your average red rose arrangement—it's an exquisite composition crafted for those moments that call for a classic kind of romance (think The Notebook-level passion). This bouquet is available in multiple sizes, including the grandest option of them all — 100 roses!

The Modern

The Modern is not your average red rose arrangement, this is our twist on the traditional dozen red roses bouquet, a perfect win for expressing love. Plus this bold gesture gives the same punch of romance without taking up the space of a much larger arrangement. And who doesn't dream about receiving more than a dozen red roses from an admirer??

Skye and Spritz

Our Skye and Spritz plant care kit includes everything you need to keep your air plant healthy and thriving. All they require is bright indirect light and a good ten-minute soak once a week (spritz with the fertilizer after soaking). The kit includes a wooden tillandsia holder, a bottle of air plant fertilizer, and of course, the air plant!

Fancy Vase

You've got great taste, our Fancy Vase is an amazing vase meant to elevate any bouquet. Our designers will fill it with the most spectacular blooms in the shop, just leave it to us to bring this empty vase to life. Be sure to leave your color preferences when you check out after selecting from our bouquet sizes. The budget options include the cost of this hand-made vase ($90).

Spring Bouquet

The Spring Bouquet is our quintessential smell and vibe of spring! This thoughtfully curated bouquet features a harmonious blend of pastel blooms, meticulously chosen for their beauty and fragrance. The bouquet includes fragrant hyacinth and stock, dancing tulips and ranunculus, gorgeous pastel green roses, hydrangea, and playful hellebores. Arranged in a charming vase, the Spring Bouquet is this season's shining star. The colors will vary slightly with the season and availability, ensuring a unique and fresh bouquet every time.

Brooklyn Candle Co.

These candles are perfection. Besides being extremely well made, the fragrances are all derived from beautiful places on earth.  Called