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Maison La Bougie Candles

These candles are made in a French factory by artisans which carefully select raw materials. Fragrances are created at Grasse,

Flight to Paris

Don’t be fooled by the pictures, both these items are BIG and seriously special.  This Parisan candle, actually made in

The Classic

Not your average red rose arrangements!  This is for the moments that call for a classic kind of romance with

The Modern

Not your average red rose arrangements!  This modern twist on the classic dozen red rose arrangement, exceptionally special and unique

Skye and Spritz

Our Skye and Spritz gift set includes everything you need to keep your air plant healthy and thriving. Air plants

Plant Parenthood

Amazing gift for any beginner plant parent. Includes a Propagation stand set, rooting powder, and a Ghost Orchid cutting from

Spring Bouquet

The quintessential smell and vibe of spring! This bouquet is generally pastel, always filled with fragrant hyacinth and stock, dancing

Brooklyn Candle Co.

These candles are perfection. Besides being extremely well made, the fragrances are all derived from beautiful places on earth.  Called

Silver Sword Philodendron

This plant is amazing! Potted in an 8 inch Gorgeous Pelo bowl with incredible detail, it’s easy to care for

Sweet as Peach Pie

Everyone adores Ranunculus flowers.  They’re extremely delicate and long lasting.  A total treat for a flower.  We decided a bouquet

Flower Subscription

Do you have the flower lover in your life?  This is an insane gift idea, even if its just for

Fit for a Queen

Served up in our classy modern vessels. These are not your average Orchids! Tall striking and FULL with sparkling Phalenopsis