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Maison La Bougie Candles

These candles are made in a French factory by artisans which carefully select raw materials. Fragrances are created at Grasse,

Flight to Paris

Don’t be fooled by the pictures, both these items are BIG and seriously special.  This Parisan candle, actually made in

Skye and Spritz

Our Skye and Spritz gift set includes everything you need to keep your air plant healthy and thriving. Air plants

Plant Parenthood

Amazing gift for any beginner plant parent. Includes a Propagation stand set, rooting powder, and a Ghost Orchid cutting from

Flower Subscription

Do you have the flower lover in your life?  This is an insane gift idea, even if its just for

Mixture Candle Votive Set

These hand-mixed, 100% pure soy wax candles make the perfect gift. This set of three 2oz votives are our top

Perfect Pick for a Plant Lover

Do you know any plant lovers? Look no further, this will undoubtedly bring joy into their life. Urban Botanics is

Since You’re Stuck at Home

What’s sweeter than a thoughtful gift? Not much. This one is perfect for a ‘thank you,’ ‘feel better,’ ‘enjoy your