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Skye and Spritz

Our Skye and Spritz plant care kit includes everything you need to keep your air plant healthy and thriving. All they require is bright indirect light and a good ten-minute soak once a week (spritz with the fertilizer after soaking). The kit includes a wooden tillandsia holder, a bottle of air plant fertilizer, and of course, the air plant!

Plant Parenthood

Our Plant Parenthood makes an amazing gift for any beginner plant parent. Includes a propagation stand set, rooting powder, and a Ghost Orchid cutting from our collection!

Silver Sword Philodendron

The silver sword philodendron is such a cool plant! Potted in an 8-inch gorgeous pelo bowl with incredible detail, it's easy to care for and to propagate. We love to recommend this beautiful plant to beginners and green thumbs alike, all you need to do is water thoroughly when dry and place in a sunny spot in your home.

Fit for a Queen

Fit for a Queen is served up in our classy modern vessels and these are anything but your average orchids! Choose from a garden of one, two, three, or five (!!). Expect funky succulents, air plants, and branches to accompany the orchids.  Modern pot included, shape style may vary with availability.

Monstera Deliciosa

This monstera deliciosa friend is super easy to care for and only requires weekly watering and a window of sunshine. Choose from a clean white modern pot or an antique blue and white pot (pots include a drainage hole). This is a great gift for the plant collector in your life. Potted 10-inch growers pot - 36 inches tall overall.

Perfect Pick for a Plant Lover

Do you know any plant lovers? Look no further, this will undoubtedly bring joy into their life. Urban Botanics is

Potted Bromeliad Aechmea Fasciata

A showstopping, easy to care for plant with a huge pink bloom hidden within its tiger striped grey and green

Since You’re Stuck at Home

What’s sweeter than a thoughtful gift? Not much. This one is perfect for a ‘thank you,’ ‘feel better,’ ‘enjoy your

Succulent Garden

Bring some warmth into your life with our amazing succulent and cactus gardens. Perfect for the corporate ‘thank you’ gift