Wedding Floral

You have found us, tucked away in this pretty corner of the Minneapolis countryside. We want to welcome you into our little world, sit down and tell us your story. Tell us how you met, your dreams for your wedding day, what flowers, colors and smells you love. 



With creativity, innovation, and passion, we cater to those who seek an authentic vendor experience. Our style includes both vintage and trendy, elegant and modern. Head designer, Liz Mattingly works with you to create the perfect touch to any occasion.


what we do

From a small intimate wedding to a lavish event, we will individually design your flowers to they are unique to your requests. We can specifically help you with your wedding flowers, bouquets, corsages, and venue flowers. We literally have never done the same wedding arrangements twice.

planning your event

Each space is as different as each person we work with. Catching the subtle hues of color at your venue to accent the flowers is as important as incorporating the Bride's favorite flowers. Because we take the extra time and attention to each wedding, we end up with endless ideas and amazingly personal designs. 


We work together to develop a pricing that works for both of us. We do try and hold a minimum of $2,000 for the busiest Saturdays of the summer months, however, we tend to bend the rule if we are not already booked. Our goal is to work within your budget so please come prepared to your consultation with that in mind. You will leave with an itemized list and a solid plan for your wedding flowers. Please fill out the form below to see if we are available for your big day!  


1. Wedding Flower Budget.  This can be a range or an exact dollar amount

2. Photos of wedding flowers that inspire you.  You can find these in wedding magazines, Pinterest, Instagram, or search your favorite flower.  Also consider looking at Wedding Blogs and Wedding Planner websites.  Just bring what you truly LOVE.

3. The details you've already nailed down.  Table count, color swatches, bridesmaid dress pictures, anything else you know for certain. If you don't know a lot of details for certain yet, create a budget range rather than an exact dollar amount to leave room for add ons.