At LILIA we are all about FRESH! Thats why we work with tons of flower farmers to supply our clients with local, organic and sustainable flowers whenever possible. We compost as much of our waste as possible, grow our own wedding flowers and offer 100% locally grown and foraged wedding flowers from May to October.  We’re also a SHOP! Our new Wayzata - Deephaven retail shop is open and filled to the brim with dazzling treasures from the vintage past to the modern present. You’ll also find succulents, large and small tropical house plants, garden finds, terrariums and a plethora of outstanding home goods including the Among the Flowers, Mixture and more amazing thoughtful brands like ours. We support local artists too so come in and shop the art on the walls! 

Retail Shop Hours

Monday through Friday 10am-6pm

Saturday 10- 3pm


Liz Mattingly | Creative Director

Hi, I’m Liz. The brain mama of LILIA back in 2012. I’m acting creative directer and you’ll often find me with a bouquet in one hand and a broom in the other. I started my journey with a well established love of plants that quickly evolved to the love of the blossoms those plants create. I’ve created a team of amazing people who help make sure the show goes on even without me and I manage our day to day wedding and event projects. If you’re planning a wedding or event, I’m your gal!

My favorite thing is surprising people with more than they imagined possible

— Liz


Valerie Heaton | Managing Designer

Meet Valerie, She’s kind of the head honcho at LILIAS retail location in Wayzata. She’s worked in Hawaii as a florists before MN and really gets it when it comes to structure, color and hard find tropicals we all love so much. She’s your go to gal for anything shop related and manages the store and all of our amazing staff!